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Dance Workshop




Since 2015, the association SOL'ŒIL D'AFRIK undertakes programs of capacity building, meeting, sharing and professional exchange in order to dynamize the dance sector in Togo. These programs are nourished by the desire to explore and exploit the richness of traditional African dances in contemporary choreographic creations. The international dance course "D'BA" is both a professional exchange between artists from different continents and tourist discovery where all the dances of the world are mixed.



Our main objective is to gather in one place, professional, semi- professional and amateur of dance for intense moments of sharing, exchange and discovery. Also we hope through this internship to promote the cultural, artistic and tourist potential of Togo


The content

- Togolese traditional dance - Contemporary Afro - Yoga - Mandingue Dance - Horton Technique & ABG Method - Tourism
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All trainees from outside Togo will be accommodated in the Hotel PESCO (former king plus, avenue Pya) two per room. The hotel is located in the city center, on Avenue des Evalas, in front of the Djidjôlé traffic lights.



- Internship + accommodation + 3 meals / day + tourist trip ------- 700  Euros - Internship + accommodation + 2 meals (Morning & midday) + tourist outing ---- - 600 Euros - Internship + accommodation + 1 meal (Midi) + tourist outing -------- 500 Euros


The Teachers

ZOHAR Karny, Israel


Zohar is a dancer, choreographer and biomechanical anthropomechanist based in TelAviv. Trained at the Thelma Yelin Institute of Performance Arts and Classical Ballet, Modern Dance Technique (Graham, Lemmon, Horton) and Contemporary Dance (Gaga). She was a student under international teachers and choreographer such as: Naomi Perlov, Rose Sobol, Idan Shaarabi and Milton Myers. Over time, exposed to West African culture, including music and dance, Karny began to explore rhythmic work, percussion and body culture in Africa, particularly in Senegal and the Wolof region. .Her work combines Western dance and traditional dance of the African diaspora to create a singular body language: ABG PROJECT. Today, Zohar strives to promote traditional and contemporary African dance to the dance community in Israel

Kossivi Sénagbé AFIADEGNIGBAN, Togo 


Kossivi Sénagbé AFIADEGNIGBAN is Dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the association SOL'ŒIL d’AFRIK of Togolese nationality,Born into an animist family, he made his first contact with dance during ceremonies and voodoo rituals where rhythms, songs, traditional dances intertwine. He intensified his professional training and perfected himself at the « Ecole des sables » of Germain Acogny where he obtained his certificate in "traditional and contemporary African dance" and "Art of teaching dance". His work as a choreographer feeds on the wealth of traditional Togolese dances.

Sonja Van Bockstaele,


Sonja Van Bockstaele is a yoga dance teacher and choreographer; Director of the Kassoemai association, she is trained by different masters in Europe. In 1989, she went to Africa to research the function and strength of traditional dance in Africa. She deepened in the traditional Mandingue dance in Guinea during her tours as a member of the "Merveille de la Guinée" under the direction of Kemoko Sano, choreographer   of   the   national   ballet    of    Guinea. With Salia Sanou, she discovers and practices more and more Afro- contemporary dance from 2010. She is involved in training at the CDC La Termitière where she deals with training in traditional Mandingue dance but also in yoga dance pedagogy (a complement to dance that helps tokeep the body in balance and to dance more consciously and correctly).

Koffi- kégou AFIADEGNIGBAN, Togo 


Koffi-kégou AFIADEGNIGBAN is a dancer/interpreter currently training at CDC-LA TERMITIRE in Ouagadougou. He lets himself be lulled by traditional Togolese songs and rhythms from 2009 with the traditional dance company AMENOUVEVE where he takes his first steps in dance and follows his first professional training. After several years as artistic director of this company, he intensifies his professional training by participating in several internships in the sub-region. Since 2018 he is based in Ouagadougou as part of the contemporary dance training « YELEN DON » at the La TERMITIÈRE choreographic development center



The host country

Togo is an African country south of the Sahara with a tropical climate with a minimum temperature of 30 ° C in summer. The small size does not prevent Togo from being recognized for the great diversity of its landscapes: a sandy coast lined with coconut trees in the south, hills, green valleys and small mountains in the center of the country, arid plains and large savannahs planted with baobabs in the north. To travel to Togo, you must complete formalities including the visa. You will have more information to better prepare your travel by clicking on the link below:

le porteur de projet

SOL'ŒIL D'AFRIK is a cultural association created in 2015 by Togolese dancer- choreographer Kossivi Sénagbé AFIADEGNIGBAN with the aim of working on the revitalization of the dance sector in Togo through the initiation of cultural projects. Since its creation, the association has already initiated several training projects for dancers in the West  African sub-region, including "TRADITIONAL DANCE AND CREATION OF TODAY", an annual workshop session in choreographic tools.

A touristic site

Kpalimé is a tourist town located 1 hour 30 north of Lome with a landscape always green even during the dry season with the most beautiful forests of Togo. The city has the largest craft center in the country where a large number of artists and craftsmen have settled: wood carvers, batikeur, potters, weavers, calabashers. The area around the city is lush and fertile, encircled by thick wooded hills, deep valleys and small peasant villages. The many walks and nature walks lead through the trails to discover the daily life of local people who live mainly from agriculture


Lomé, 153 Aflao Gakli Street, House N°52

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